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Lancaster's Quality Leather Connection
GREAT Gift Ideas!

Domaki Leathers is where you will find a  
 fine selection of leather items, motorcycle apparel
and accessories.
Alterations are done
on the premises.
Handbags, Wallets, Gloves 
 Chaps, Cycle Bags, Vests,
and more!
BELTS (Any size & made of SOLID LEATHER. Money belts also available!)
Minnetonka Moccasins
Motorcycle Apparel & Accessories
"Gift Certificates Available"​
Stop by soon, we look forward to meeting you!

Warm, Comfortable Leather Gloves

Winter Must Haves!

© 2022-23  Domaki Leathers  85 West Main St. Leola, PA 17540  Call 717-656-3201 

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