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Yes we do Leather Item Repairs and Alterations.  

Listed below are some of the services that we provide:

1. Sew patches on vests, and jackets.

2. Repair and replace zippers on leather jackets, chaps, pants, vests and handbags.  (Jacket zipper replacement      costs between $50.00 to $60.00).  


3. We repair jacket tears.

4. We alter jacket sleeve length and coat length when coat style allows.

5. We repair or replace jacket linings and pocket linings.

6. We replace snaps on any item.

7. We repair handbag problems like stitching, zippers, lining  magnetic snaps, etc.  We also shorten bag strap length and we make bag straps.

8. We do not clean leather garments. We do sell leather cleaning products.

While we make every effort to complete your repairs in a timely fashion, we cannot always complete repairs within a day or two. Please do not ask to wait for your repairs. 
Bringing your needed repair item into our store for review is the best way for us to determine what is needed and what it will cost.
Depending on our work flow, many simple repairs can be completed on site at the time of your visit, but we cannot make any promises.
Leather Repairs Lancaster PA
Leather Patches Lancaster PA
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